Update on RIOXX plug-in and REF plug-in

The RIOXX Application Profile, which supports the consistent tracking of open-access research publications across scholarly systems, defines the metadata institutional repositories need to record to demonstrate compliance with the RCUK policy on OA.

RCUK strongly recommends that all institutional repositories at research organisations in receipt of RCUK research funding implement RIOXX and have asked Jisc to provide such advice and support as is necessary.

DSpace RIOXX patches ready to use

Since the RIOXX Application Profile was launched in January this year Jisc has been working to encourage uptake and compliance through advocacy and in pragmatic terms by commissioning the development of a RIOXX plugin for EPrints 3.3 and patches for version 3,4 and 5 of DSpace are now also ready to use.  These developments enable the required metadata to be captured correctly and efficiently and provide the means to export RIOXX-compliant records.  Jisc has also arranged for technical support to be available for institutions that require advice on installing the RIOXX plugin or patch.  Full details are available here.

Institutions that run EPrints or DSpace institutional repositories are encouraged to consider installing and using the RIOXX plugin and patches as soon as practicable unless alternative mechanisms are in place.

REF plug-in development

Jisc is also funding the development of an EPrints plugin that will facilitate the process by which institutions collect much of the publications data required for the post-2014 REF.  Jisc is working closely with HEFCE as development of the plugin proceeds.  Since a number of RIOXX metadata elements are relevant to the REF, institutions wishing to use the REF plugin must also install the RIOXX plugin.  Institutions that would like to trial the EPrints REF plugin later this year prior to general release are invited to contact the development team.  We will also be investigating the possibility of developing a similar tool for DSpace users.

Further plug-in development?

The RIOXX EPrints plugin is designed to run on the latest stable version, which is 3.3.  Jisc has recently launched a survey via appropriate lists to discover the level of interest in developing a similar plugin for EPrints 3.2.  If your institution is in this camp, please do contact us.

If you have any questions about RIOXX or the REF plugin, please do feel free to contact the development team.

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