The next six months for Jisc scholarly communications support – journals

With research funders issuing OA policies, and publishers offering new models for hybrid and OA journals, it is certainly a busy time in scholarly journals. It can also be a somewhat confusing picture, as institutions look across the range of initiatives from Jisc, system suppliers such as Symplectic, and publishers, to piece together approaches that are right for them. In the attached document [PDF], I’m attempting to map out some of the significant forthcoming activities in the Jisc part of this picture that are most directly relevant to universities, in the hope that this will be helpful to those making plans in this area.

(I will shortly release something similar for OA books.)

Please note that white space in a cell in this table does not imply a lack of activity! There is a lot going on behind the scenes, some of which we are sharing via project blogs (eg, Jisc Monitor, OA Good Practice, ORCID pilot projects). We are also working closely with the Open University on CORE; more news on this shortly. It is also likely that some of the white space will fill up quickly once the summer is over.

Please note that this overview does not cover our work in negotiating with publishers on behalf of institutions, including our significant focus at the moment on local offset arrangements for hybrid journals and publishers. We hope that acceptable arrangements with major publishers will be in place by Q1 2015, and discussions are ongoing. More information on this will be available very shortly.

By Neil Jacobs

JISC Programme Director, Digital Infrastructure (Information Environment)

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