PASTEUR4OA Meeting of National Experts

Working Together to Promote Open Access Policy Alignment in Europe

Earlier in December Jisc hosted the PASTEUR4OA project meeting of national experts which brought together representatives from more than 33 European countries to discuss a joint agenda that will promote the alignment of OA policies in EU Member States and neighbouring countries. Three issues were among the top priorities of the meeting’s agenda:

▪ Revisit policy developments on Open Access (OA) at the EU level → H2020 OA policy [PDF]
▪ Consider the European Commission recommendations for Member States to develop aligned OA policies at the national level → Recommendation on Access to and Preservation of Scientific Information [PDF]
▪ Reflect on the coordination of activities that will promote an aligned policy environment across Europe → Knowledge Net

During the two-day meeting, participants had the opportunity to learn from best practices in OA policy development and implementation by gaining country-specific insights from Ireland, Norway and Belgium. There were also opportunities for participants to engage in group discussions to reflect on the challenges that distinct countries face when seeking to promote effective OA policy development and implementation. The Knowledge Net will promote a number of activities to address some of these challenges. The Net will also play a role in promoting harmonisation and alignment of policies and infrastructures across Europe. Various resources such as guidelines, case studies and reports will be produced by the PASTEUR4OA project and the Knowledge Net to inform policymakers and scholarly communications communities on effective policy making and monitoring.

Read the PASTEUR4OA Meeting of National Experts [PDF].

By Neil Jacobs

JISC Programme Director, Digital Infrastructure (Information Environment)

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