How publishers might help universities implement OA

It is the responsibility of authors (sometimes as grant holders), and their institutions, to meet the OA requirements of funders. However it is clear from, among other things, the review of the RCUK OA policy implementation (released today), and Jisc initiatives such as Sherpa services, Jisc Monitor and Jisc Publications Router, that there are things publishers can do to make authors’ and institutions’ lives easier.

Jisc has worked with universities, in close cooperation with RLUK, to identify what these things are. The document we release today is our best attempt at this point to do this. We acknowledge that this is a fast-changing area, and this document might change, but we think we have crystallised some steps that publishers could take that would have lasting benefit for their customers (and therefore for themselves). We hope this document is useful for all stakeholders.

See the document here: OA compliance how publishers can help 20150325

(With due acknowledgement to my colleague Steve Byford, who did much of the work on this document)

By Neil Jacobs

JISC Programme Director, Digital Infrastructure (Information Environment)

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My sincere thanks to Neil, Steve and colleagues for putting together this list. While the main objective should be for authors to engage with OA and become its main driving force, publishers have a clear and important role to play in ensuring the successful and sustainable delivery of OA into the longer term. This is therefore a very important document that will provide publishers with much-needed clarity about how they can best support UK authors and institutions in fulfilling our collective responsibilities. We look forward to seeing its rapid adoption by publishers over the coming months.

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