Jisc Monitor – The Final Episode – From ideas to prototypes

Back Story

Frank Manista provides a summary update of the Jisc Monitor project.

Completing at the end of May 2015, with inputs from over 60 UK institutions, the Jisc Monitor project is tasked with developments to help indicate how institutions might go about supporting and tracking Open Access publication processes, especially with reference to compliance and costs.

Since December, the project has been focused on two related applications: ‘Monitor Local’, which will allow institutions to keep track of their own, individual activity and Article Processing Charges (APCs) and ‘Monitor UK Aggregator’, which uses the information from the Total Cost of Ownership project to help get a sense of the broader picture of the costs for OA. Monitor is also working on another line of activity called “Getting Useful IDs Early” (or GUIDE) to enable institutions to identify their academics who do not have a lead author role for an article:

Prototype Feedback – Address complexity with flexibility and automation

Time saving in the face of both volume and complexity has been a key principle. The potential of this data to meet the needs of institutions (including benchmarking), the Funding Councils and Jisc (informing publisher negotiations) was widely recognized:

There is also the importance of integration between these potential Monitor services and other Jisc services for managing e-resources, notably integrating with KB+ in order to maximise the opportunities to get value for money from fuller analysis of the combination of subscription and OA costs. For those interested in the detail, here is a graphic showing proposed Monitor-KB+ interaction.


The Monitor team is on track to complete these final pieces of work by the end of May. Jisc is consulting on what services should be prioritised in its OA offer to the UK community. Therefore we hope institutions will continue to provide feedback in the final prototyping stage that will inform such service development decisions.

Read more on the Jisc Monitor blog.

By Neil Jacobs

JISC Programme Director, Digital Infrastructure (Information Environment)

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