SHERPA Services join Jisc

Bill Hubbard writes:

Staff at the Centre for Research Communications are delighted to say that we have now completed our transfer from the University of Nottingham to Jisc, to improve the long-term stability, sustainability and growth of the CRC and SHERPA Services, RoMEO, JULIET, OpenDOAR and FACT. Responsibility for resourcing and management now passes to Jisc, which will directly fund operations. All of the CRC staff thank the University of Nottingham for their long-term support of the Centre and its projects and services over the last 12 years.

The move to Jisc answers the needs of the CRC and SHERPA Services to move from short-term project funding to a more sustainable long-term basis. It also brings with it significant advantages in better integration with other Jisc projects and services and in the chance for easier collaboration with other colleagues in Jisc and similar national organisations abroad. We are all looking forward to the opportunities that this will bring.

The CRC is not giving up all connection with the University, as the Centre and staff will continue to be based in our current offices here in Nottingham. All of the services will continue with their current URLs and contact information, and users should see no interruption to services while we work on new developments made possible by the transfer.

The staff of the CRC would like to warmly thank all those who have supported its work and activities over the last 12 years, in particular the generous funders for our projects and services – Jisc, RLUK, the European Commission, the Open Societies Institute, RCUK, HEFCE, SPARC Europe, the Wellcome Trust. We would also like to thank all of the organisations, individuals and past staff members, who have been so generous with their time in helping the CRC to advance the work of open access.

We are now looking forward to being part of the wider Jisc Open Access offering and helping to set our current services and expertise in a larger framework of Jisc support to UK research, seeing how our services can contribute to this larger picture and discovering new opportunities to promote and support UK research.

By Neil Jacobs

JISC Programme Director, Digital Infrastructure (Information Environment)

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