What are the possibilities for an Open Access Dashboard?

We’re excited to announce a new project, which will test the feasibility of developing an Open Access Dashboard that would visualize data collected by Jisc’s open access services and other relevant sources in a useful and informative way.


Initial investigation has indicated that there’s a demand from library administrators to consolidate the growing amount of information concerning their open access outputs, and an opportunity to bring this information together into a single place.

Jisc supports a number of services that provide information about open access publications throughout their lifecycle, including Sherpa services, Router, Monitor, CORE, JUSP, and IRUS. Their uptake and use demonstrates the demand from institutions for data about their research output. However, their users currently see them as separate sources of information.  An open access dashboard would bring together information from these and other relevant sources to offer a coherent picture to librarians and other institutional stakeholders.

Additionally, there is a need for integrated information and clarity at a national level as to the overall progress in the take up of open access. Bringing data about open access together into one place can provide stakeholders, including funders, with a national overview of how open access is developing.

The project

Running until July 2017, Jisc, working with Research Consulting, Pleiade Management and Consultancy and Digirati, will be assessing the feasibility of an OA Dashboard by gathering evidence on the requirement for such a service and developing a range of proof-of-concept interactive wireframes.

Depending on the range of evidence gathered, Jisc will then assess whether there is value in developing the service any further.

Get involved

The project will be informed by, and tested against, the needs of open access community. To this end, a user workshop on 28th April has been planned for a small number of representatives from HEIs to contribute to this project. Due to its popularity, this workshop is now over-subscribed. However, you can engage with the project by emailing Andrea Chiarelli ( to sign up as a project stakeholder.


If you would like any more information on the project, please don’t hesitate to contact Sarah Fahmy ( or Katie Shamash (

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