New publisher joins Publications Router – BMJ Publishing Group

BMJ Publishing Group Ltd is now contributing content to Jisc Publications Router for onward distribution to open repositories, helping institutions to capture their researchers’ papers and make them freely available to all.

BMJ Publishing Group publishes the well-known journal The BMJ (British Medical Journal), as well as some 60 others. All of their journals will be included in the feeds.

Accepted manuscripts with no embargo

The regular daily feeds from BMJ include the accepted manuscripts of articles that have been published under the subscription model, and the published version of record for those published under the gold open access model. These will be sent via the Router upon publication. They can then all be displayed immediately on repositories without any embargo period.

The Router matches these incoming notifications from BMJ to participating institutions based on the affiliations of the authors, and then delivers them to institutions’ systems in a form they can ingest directly, subject to institutions’ review procedures.

BMJ joins a growing list of content providers to the Router.

Prompt turn-around aids REF policy compliance

Although BMJ will be sending the notifications upon publication, they will still reach institutions in plenty of time to achieve compliance with the Policy on Open Access in the REF, which requires deposit on a repository within three months of acceptance for publication. BMJ has prompt turn-around times from acceptance to publication: the majority of articles are published within four weeks of acceptance, and around 94% within two months, allowing plenty of time for institutions’ review processes before making the resulting repository records live well within the three months.

As more institutions benefit from the growing list of providers, each of these sets of stakeholders will find the Router increasingly attractive, especially as it continues to develop its functionality and interoperability yet further.

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Thanks, Helen. The licence for AAMs is set out in the metadata accompanying each one, as stipulated by the publisher. The Router itself doesn’t determine what this should be.

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