Publications Router is now interoperable with DSpace repositories

Joe Tennant provides this update.

We’re very pleased to announce that Jisc’s Publications Router service is now available to institutions whose repositories use the DSpace platform.

When first launched as a service in 2016, Publications Router was set up to populate Eprints-based repositories as this was the most commonly-used repository platform here in the UK. More than 30 institutions receive data from Router to their Eprints systems today, but we have been keen to expand our reach to allow those which use the DSpace platform to enjoy the benefits of Router too. Now we’re happy to say that time has come and we’ve added our first users whose repositories run on DSpace.

About Publications Router

The Publications Router service helps institutions capture into their repositories not only rich and accurate metadata describing articles published by their researchers but also in many cases the full text of the articles themselves in the version that can be exposed on a repository. This means that, as well as being alerted to their research outputs, institutions avoid the need to track down and upload the full text of articles – in many cases they arrive automatically and seamlessly straight into their systems. Subject to their review procedures, it is then a simple step for institutions to expose the articles publicly on their repositories.

The provided metadata also includes details of any embargo and links to the user licence for each article. This allows repository users to easily see how they may use the content, without the institution or the author needing to add these details manually.

A note about CRISs

For now, Router is interoperable directly with DSpace. Those institutions who wish to populate their repository via a CRIS will need to await the development of Router/CRIS interoperability. Please do let us, and your CRIS vendor, know if that’s what you need.


If you’re not yet using our service, but have a DSpace repository at your institution, then why not get in touch with us at and ask about trying out Publications Router?

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