Frontiers supplies full-text articles to Publications Router

Frontiers is the latest open access publisher to distribute content automatically to institutional repositories via Jisc’s Publications Router service. This enables institutions to capture, store, curate and showcase articles published in Frontiers journals that report research by their academics.

Frontiers publishes 61 journals covering a wide range of academic disciplines, including in life sciences, health, engineering and humanities and social sciences, among others. Frontiers will now deposit content from all of these journals into Router for onward delivery to the relevant repositories.

Rapid delivery, open licensing

The vast majority of Frontiers articles are published within three weeks of acceptance for publication. Every day, Frontiers now supplies Publications Router with articles as soon as they are published so they will reach their authors’ institutions very promptly.

The Router deposits them straight into the relevant institutions’ systems. The process is automatic, subject only to the institutions’ usual review workflows.

Router transfers the full-text articles in the published version of record, as well as rich metadata, including article licensing details. Frontiers articles are all open access and distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY) with no embargo, allowing free sharing, redistribution and re-use in any medium or format.

Showcasing research and OA compliance

As well as enabling institutions to showcase and disseminate their researchers’ work, this collaboration also helps demonstrate compliance with various funders’ open access policies, notably the policy on open access and the REF.

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