SAGE Publishing supplies full-text articles to Publications Router

SAGE Publishing, one of the world’s leading independent academic and professional publishers, is now supplying full-text content to Jisc’s Publications Router service. The research articles, which span a wide range of subject areas, are then distributed to institutions and automatically ingested into their open repositories, enabling them to capture and disseminate the outputs of their researchers.

Phase one has begun

In the first instance, the articles that SAGE provides are those published under the gold open access model, from over 180 (“pure”) OA journals. Subscription content will be added later when their developing workflows can support it.

For this initial phase, Router provides these OA articles in the published version of record, daily, virtually as soon as they are published. Most of them will arrive in participating repositories within two months of acceptance.

They are accompanied by rich, authoritative metadata, including details of the licence that applies.

Broad subject coverage

SAGE’s journals cover social sciences and humanities, health, life and biomedical sciences, as well as engineering and physical sciences. Institutions’ existing OA workflows can find some of these disciplines challenging to cater for, so these feeds from SAGE should help considerably.

Router delivers straight into institutions systems

Publications Router matches the incoming notifications to participating institutions using the affiliations of the (co-) authors, among other things. It then transforms them into a format matched to the target institution’s system and delivers them for automatic ingest – subject to institutions’ usual review procedures.

Further information

If you’d like more information about the Router service, do get in touch via, mentioning Publications Router in your message.

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