CORE update for April to June 2020

  CORE’s Quarterly Update Contents 1. 20 million monthly CORE users and growth of CORE’s worldwide rank 2. CORE Repository Dashboard and Repository Edition releases 3. CORE helps Lean Library to provide OA research papers 4. CORE Ambassadors’ network and achievements 5. CORE Discovery and repositories 6. CORE team research accomplishments 7. CORE negotiations and […]


Celebrating the Five Year Anniversary of the UK ORCID Consortium

August 2020 sees the 5-year anniversary of the UK ORCID consortium. The evolution of ORCID and the UK Consortium can be viewed as a change programme. If we look back and reflect, what have been the drivers for change and what improvements can we celebrate? The UK ORCID community was formed and has grown Before […]

8th International Workshop on Mining Scientific Publications (WOSP), 2020

Due to unprecedented events following the global pandemic situation, this year, the 8th International Workshop on Mining Scientific Publications (WOSP), 2020 was fully organised virtually. The entire workshop constituted a single day, with four sessions, featuring keynote talks, with accepted paper presentations and a shared task on citation context classification. More details regarding the programme […]


The UK National PID Consortium

This is a guest blog post by Alice Meadows, Director of Community Engagement, National Information Standards Organisation (NISO). If you’re reading this post, the chances are you’re already a fan of persistent identifiers (PIDs). You may have an ORCID iD. You understand why to cite DOIs rather than URLs. You’re [probably] familiar with organisation identifiers […]

Fact Romeo

Retirement of old Sherpa Romeo and Fact

Following the launch of the new versions of Sherpa Romeo and Sherpa Fact, we are taking the opportunity to inform you that the old versions of the services have now been retired. What do I need to do about my Romeo/Fact URLs? All of our services are now running on the new platform, which is available at URLs on the retired system will automatically forward to the appropriate page on the new system. This […]