Global first for UKRI – recording funding peer review contributions in ORCID records

Researchers can now have their grant peer review contributions made visible and recognised when added to their ORCID Record by the UKRI’s Je-S funding platform.

UKRI and nearly 100 UK Higher Education and research organisations are members of ORCID, an international non-profit organisation that is committed to help achieve recognition and support for researchers by linking their contributions to the researcher’s unique ORCID identifier.

UKRI have recently announced that they have implemented the ORCID reviewer recognition feature in their grants management system, Je-S.

What does this development mean?

This means that UKRI reviewers can get recognition for their review contribution “without compromising the anonymity and confidentiality of the review process”. This is the first example globally of ORCID functionality being added to a funder peer review process and a great demonstration of how ORCID adds value to the wider scholarly landscape, allowing the surfacing of effort that is often invisible and uncredited. Peer reviewers who use the system can be acknowledged for their contribution to the UKRI review process with an entry in their ORCID record.

Acknowledging the tireless efforts of our academic community in reviewing countless grant submissions has always been a challenging balancing act between recognition and anonymity; I could not applaud this new UKRI-ORCID initiative more loudly, and I must congratulate those involved in the partnership in striking that balance perfectly!

Professor Brad K. Gibson, University of Hull


We are moving towards better recognition of all of the types of research activity our scholars engage in, and as such, welcome this announcement from UKRI and ORCID.  This will enable the automatic capture of this activity (in an appropriate manner) which will save them time and enhance the benefits of having an ORCID iD.

Jenny Evans, University of Westminster

More Details

Jisc leads the UK ORCID consortium, which includes UKRI as members, and we are delighted to see this development coming as part our national effort to improve and grow the technical landscape and increase capabilities. ORCID has an on-going global engagement with a focus on good practice for funders which was kicked off by the initiative. UKRI were one of the first funders to sign the ORCID letter as part of that effort

You can read the UKRI blog announcing the news

More information on the process to develop the integration is hosted on ORCID’s blog

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