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Embedding IRUS-UK statistics into IR web pages – the IRUS-UK widget

The IRUS team have developed a widget in response to requests from IR (institutional repository) managers who wanted to surface usage statistics more visibly in their IR and encourage open access. Using this new widget, institutions can embed IRUS-UK COUNTER-conformant statistics into their own institutional repository (IR) pages. This means it can provide them with … Read more

IRUS-UK collaboration: consistent, comparable usage statistics to demonstrate the growth of OA

This is a guest post by Pete Dalton, Evidence Base, Birmingham City University, on behalf of the IRUS-UK team. IRUS–UK is a standards-based statistics aggregation service, enabling UK universities to share and compare information about usage of items in their institutional repositories. Conforming to the COUNTER standard, statistics are consistent and comparable to enable benchmarking … Read more


Introduction In a changing research environment, we are seeing increased importance placed on Open Access materials available via institutional repositories. Providing open access to research outputs, via institutional repositories, offers institutions an opportunity to gain a clearer understanding of their organisational research profile. This includes understanding what is being accessed and the extent to which … Read more