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What do we do with your article processing charge data?

Every year, Jisc asks UK HEIs to provide details of the individual article processing charges (APC) transactions they’ve made throughout the year using a standardised template. This ongoing project started in 2013 with 17 institutions participating. Since then, the project has expanded to include data on 36,000 APCs from 53 unique institutions, and it celebrates … Read more

PASTEUR4OA Meeting of National Experts

Working Together to Promote Open Access Policy Alignment in Europe Earlier in December Jisc hosted the PASTEUR4OA project meeting of national experts which brought together representatives from more than 33 European countries to discuss a joint agenda that will promote the alignment of OA policies in EU Member States and neighbouring countries. Three issues were … Read more

Minimising the cost of Open Access

London Higher and SPARC-Europe today released an important report on the administration of OA and, in particular, its costs to the sector. While no survey is ever perfect, and it is early days, the findings make sobering reading. For example, the report finds that, in 2013-14, the sector spent nearly as much on administering the … Read more

Authors Accepted Manuscripts from publishers?

The REF OA policy requires the author’s accepted manuscript of a journal article or published conference paper to be deposited into a repository at the point of acceptance. There has been some concern expressed about how easy this is, and here I’d like to outline some moves toward making it easier. At the moment only … Read more

OA mandates, Jisc services and university systems

I’ve given a few presentations recently, in which I’ve tried to summarise the technical and information services that Jisc is developing and offering to help universities meet their new obligations against funders’ OA policies. In this post I’m going to share the gist of those presentations. Following the scope of most OA policies, my focus … Read more

Jisc Scholarly Communications Advisory Group

We’re aware that scholarly communications in general, and open access in particular, are now a high priority for universities and, as my last post showed, Jisc is busy helping them address that priority. In doing so, we work very closely with sector representatives, especially perhaps colleagues in university libraries and research offices. However, we’re aware … Read more

Jisc’s work in scholarly communications

Welcome to this new blog where I will be providing updates on Jisc’s work in scholarly communications, including the work we’re doing to help UK universities implement Open Access, though not our work on research data management. We will be improving the main Jisc webpages to make it easier to find out more about this … Read more