Improved EPrints plugin for receiving Publications Router feeds into RIOXX

A new EPrints plugin is now available that improves the way Jisc’s Publications Router service populates your RIOXX-enabled EPrints repository, reducing the need for manual editing.

This new version replaces an earlier plugin. We’re here to support you in installing and using it – more details below.

Better mapping of Publications Router’s metadata to RIOXX fields

Publications Router captures content such as research articles from publishers and other providers and delivers it straight into the repositories of institutions to which the authors are affiliated. The resulting notifications consist of rich, authoritative metadata and often the full text of the articles themselves.

You can use Router with EPrints without any plugin at all – the accompanying metadata is still very rich. However, if your repository is already RIOXX-enabled (by having the RIOXX2 plugin installed), then installing this new “RIOXXplus Connector” plugin will ensure that Router’s metadata is better mapped to RIOXX fields. Without it, you need to cut and paste some details, such as any embargo end date or licence details, from the “Additional Information” field into the RIOXX fields.

The RIOXXplus Connector plugin saves you time by placing these details directly into the correct places.

It also populates the additional dates fields provided by the “Dates, Dates, Dates” plugin, if you’ve previously installed it.

Improvements in the latest version

Much of this had been already achieved by the earlier version of the RIOXXplus plugin. The new version makes the following further improvements:

  • Router can now populate the RIOXX licence fields (ali:license_ref) correctly both for metadata-only notifications as well as those that include full text. It will do this even if the publisher’s licence is not a Creative Commons one, by adding the exact licence URL specified by the publisher.
  • The “free-to-read” flag is now set correctly by EPrints, taking into account any embargo period specified in the publisher’s metadata.
  • There are some minor formatting improvements to text appearing in the “Additional Information” field.

We’ll support you in taking this up

If you’d like to take advantage of these improvements, please contact us on email with the subject line: “Publications Router – Eprints RIOXXplus plugin”. We’ll then help you through the process, including answering any questions you may have. This will include switching you over to the enhanced output feed from Router that works with the new version of the plugin.

Equally, if you have an EPrints repository and are not yet making use of the Router service, do get in touch to hear how to get started, mentioning Publications Router in your subject line.

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