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The Jisc Monitor Service: More Than Just for Open Access Week

Jisc will soon be releasing the latest version of Jisc Monitor Local. It brings with it some small but essential changes since the previous release, in the spirit of Agile development, but the service has changed considerably since it went live some years ago. For those unaware of Jisc Monitor, it is actually two distinct […]

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Jisc Monitor User Group Workshop

This blog post is dedicated to the late David Kay, former lead architect for Jisc Monitor’s development stage, co-founder of Sero Consulting along with Liz and Ian Wallis: an ardent kayaker, a “Joe Russo’s Almost Dead” button designer and supporter (and thereby a Dead Head fanatic), and someone many of us called a friend: “Do […]

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Publications Router, Monitor Local and Monitor UK to move to full service status

Three Jisc development projects to help institutions meet their open access (OA) needs will move to full service status from August 2016. Publications Router, Monitor Local and Monitor UK will join Jisc’s suite of OA support services, following a decision by Jisc’s management board in April 2016. Publications Router helps institutions capture content to their […]