Monthly Archives: July 2015

Update on RIOXX plug-in and REF plug-in

The RIOXX Application Profile, which supports the consistent tracking of open-access research publications across scholarly systems, defines the metadata institutional repositories need to record to demonstrate compliance with the RCUK policy on OA. RCUK strongly recommends that all institutional repositories at research organisations in receipt of RCUK research funding implement RIOXX and have asked Jisc to … Read more

CERN Workshop on Innovations in Scholarly Communication (OAI9) by Frank Manista

Representatives from Jisc attended OAI9 from 17-19 June in Geneva Switzerland, where many institutions and individuals discussed a variety of rich undertakings around Open Access. Here are some highlights that I thought would be of interest: Main Take-Aways: Researchers want a clearer shift toward open science/access, leading to diminishing importance of traditional journals The three … Read more

Repository and open access managers welcome findings on SHERPA/FACT accuracy

The finding announced today that SHERPA/FACT has an accuracy score of over 95% has been welcomed by repository and OA administrators and managers in UK universities. SHERPA/FACT is a tool for checking whether publishers’ policies provide for compliance with research funders’ open access requirements. Greater efficiency in vital support role Repository and OA administrators and … Read more