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Supporting a diverse scholarly publishing ecosystem: introducing our new dynamic purchasing service

This post was written by Caren Milloy, Deputy director – Jisc Collections  Here at Jisc we are keen to encourage a more diverse and transparent open access publishing environment. Our new dynamic purchasing service (DPS) enables new and emerging open access presses to procure publishing services (software and services that support the publishing workflow such … Read more

OA monographs discovery in the library supply chain: draft report and recommendations

This post was written by Graham Stone, Senior Research Manager, Jisc Collections. Introduction Key studies, such as the OAPEN-NL project, have shown that open access has a positive impact on the usage and discovery of monographs. However, a recurring theme for open access monograph publishers is that of discoverability, dissemination and metadata. In 2017, the … Read more

Springer Compact agreement: first year evaluation

It has now been more than one year since the start of the Springer Compact agreement in January 2016. In this blog post, Jisc Collections has evaluated the impact of the agreement in its first year. The Springer Compact agreement is a flipped model which enables researchers from the 90 participating UK institutions to publish their … Read more

The Springer Compact offset model: update on progress

In this blog post, Jisc Collections provides an update on how the Springer Compact agreement is progressing in the UK. In March 2015, Jisc Collections announced that it had reached an agreement with Springer for an offset model to contain the costs of publication and subscription access for UK institutions. Six months have passed since … Read more

PASTEUR4OA: Green Light for Open Access

PASTEUR4OA Jisc is a partner in the PASTEUR4OA project, which over the last two years has sought to promote the development and reinforcement of OA strategies and policies across Europe. PASTEUR4OA’s core activities included: Supporting policy development: by creating OA policy templates and guidelines and informing policymakers about how to develop or revise OA policies; Promoting policy … Read more

A Schema for Open Access policies

There are now many Open Access (OA) policies, from universities, research institutions and funders listed in SHERPA/JULIET, ROARMAP and MELIBEA. Such policies are often expressed in different ways, making the OA policy landscape complex for all the stakeholders involved in the process of sharing and publishing research outputs. This is particularly the case for authors … Read more

OpenAIRE2020 and the FP7 Post-Grant OA Pilot

  Mafalda Picarra and Pablo de Castro, EC Open Access Pilot Coordinator, LIBER, provide an update of Jisc’s role in the OpenAIRE2020 project and detailed information on the recently launched pilot to fund Open Access publications for concluded FP7 projects. Jisc and OpenAIRE2020 Since January 2015 Jisc has been participating in the EU-funded OpenAIRE2020 project … Read more