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Working together to implement Plan S

Plan S outlines the aspirations of an international group of research funders, including UKRI, to reach 100% open access quickly and cost-effectively. This morning we have got more draft detail on how the signatories to Plan S, cOAlition S, envisage it being pursued. We now know, for example, that there is an important future for … Read more

The Springer Compact offset model: update on progress

In this blog post, Jisc Collections provides an update on how the Springer Compact agreement is progressing in the UK. In March 2015, Jisc Collections announced that it had reached an agreement with Springer for an offset model to contain the costs of publication and subscription access for UK institutions. Six months have passed since … Read more

Research metrics and indicators – some Jisc work

Introduction This post outlines some of the most important Jisc activities in the area of research metrics and indicators and, in particular, the data infrastructure underpinning them. The data underpinning metrics can be divided into that relating to objects, which need identifiers, and that relating to activity. Identifiers Identifiers for the key entities in research … Read more

Jisc OA pathfinders address OA challenges

Two of Jisc’s OA pathfinder projects (those led by UCL and Manchester) have agreed that, to reflect specific challenges currently facing universities in implementing OA, they will over the next year take on additional work in the following areas: 1. Approaches to deposit (Manchester): reviewing pilots of different approaches to depositing items into repositories in … Read more

Collection and sharing of APC data

Stuart Lawson here provides an update on Jisc’s plans to collect and share APC data from universities. For the last two years Jisc Collections has been working with higher education institutions to collect and openly release article-level data on their APC expenditure. This is valuable information which, among other things, provides evidence that helps Jisc … Read more

Jisc Monitor – The Final Episode – From ideas to prototypes

Back Story Frank Manista provides a summary update of the Jisc Monitor project. Completing at the end of May 2015, with inputs from over 60 UK institutions, the Jisc Monitor project is tasked with developments to help indicate how institutions might go about supporting and tracking Open Access publication processes, especially with reference to compliance … Read more

Offsetting agreements for open access publishing

More journal publishers are keen to introduce offsetting systems to reduce the total cost of publishing for institutions, so we have just published new guidelines, ‘Principles for Offset Agreements’. It sets out the five principles which UK HEIs expect will drive the design of effective offset systems, along with a clear rationale for each, explaining … Read more