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Research metrics and indicators – some Jisc work

Introduction This post outlines some of the most important Jisc activities in the area of research metrics and indicators and, in particular, the data infrastructure underpinning them. The data underpinning metrics can be divided into that relating to objects, which need identifiers, and that relating to activity. Identifiers Identifiers for the key entities in research … Read more

ORCID and Safe harbour

Many of you will have noted the recent ruling by the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), which decided that the Safe Harbour agreement, which was concerned with the transmission of personal data to the US, was invalid. Are there any implications of this for UK organisations joining ORCID through the Jisc national … Read more

Collection and sharing of APC data

Stuart Lawson here provides an update on Jisc’s plans to collect and share APC data from universities. For the last two years Jisc Collections has been working with higher education institutions to collect and openly release article-level data on their APC expenditure. This is valuable information which, among other things, provides evidence that helps Jisc … Read more

ORCID consultation

Jisc would like to consult you about your institution’s interest in joining a UK ORCID consortium membership agreement. ORCID is an international, interdisciplinary, open, not-for-profit organisation. Its core function is to provide a registry of unique, persistent, and resolvable person identifiers together with web services to enable interoperability through integration of identifiers into your research … Read more

Jisc and OpenAIRE2020

We’re delighted to welcome the announcement that OpenAIRE2020 will start in January next year, and to say that Jisc is a significant partner in this project. OpenAIRE provides an important infrastructure for open research at a European level, complementing many of the services that Jisc offers to UK institutions, and adding value to those services. … Read more

Minimising the cost of Open Access

London Higher and SPARC-Europe today released an important report on the administration of OA and, in particular, its costs to the sector. While no survey is ever perfect, and it is early days, the findings make sobering reading. For example, the report finds that, in 2013-14, the sector spent nearly as much on administering the … Read more