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OpenAIRE: Impact and Measurement of Open Access

On the 14th of February, OpenAIRE held a workshop in Oslo, Norway entitled “Impact and Measurement of Open Access” at the University College of Applied Science.  Since the OA movement started, much has been done to promote the ideals of sharing research, and the push continues to build the tools needed to allow researchers to … Read more

Shaping the future of Jisc OA services – A sector-wide view

In this post, Rob Johnson of Research Consulting reports on the results of recent research to inform the development of Jisc’s OA services. We think the findings will be of wider interest. Rob writes: Back in February we were asked by Jisc to help inform the development of Jisc’s future open access (OA) services, including … Read more

Jisc OA pathfinders address OA challenges

Two of Jisc’s OA pathfinder projects (those led by UCL and Manchester) have agreed that, to reflect specific challenges currently facing universities in implementing OA, they will over the next year take on additional work in the following areas: 1. Approaches to deposit (Manchester): reviewing pilots of different approaches to depositing items into repositories in … Read more

Jisc and OpenAIRE2020

We’re delighted to welcome the announcement that OpenAIRE2020 will start in January next year, and to say that Jisc is a significant partner in this project. OpenAIRE provides an important infrastructure for open research at a European level, complementing many of the services that Jisc offers to UK institutions, and adding value to those services. … Read more

Minimising the cost of Open Access

London Higher and SPARC-Europe today released an important report on the administration of OA and, in particular, its costs to the sector. While no survey is ever perfect, and it is early days, the findings make sobering reading. For example, the report finds that, in 2013-14, the sector spent nearly as much on administering the … Read more

Jisc, journal data, Freedom of Information

Jisc works on behalf of universities and colleges, and with them, to improve their performance and competitiveness. At present, a major challenge facing universities is the transition from subscription journals to open access (OA). Jisc has done a huge amount to limit the costs and improve the efficiency of the subscription model, for example through … Read more

The next six months for Jisc scholarly communications support – journals

With research funders issuing OA policies, and publishers offering new models for hybrid and OA journals, it is certainly a busy time in scholarly journals. It can also be a somewhat confusing picture, as institutions look across the range of initiatives from Jisc, system suppliers such as Symplectic, and publishers, to piece together approaches that … Read more