New workflow for adding new data providers and gaining access to the CORE Repository Dashboard

CORE’s mission is to increase the discoverability of open access research and promote as widely as possible the content of our data providers, i.e., repositories, journals and web resources. We currently collaborate with more than 10,000 data providers from around the world, and are continuously looking for new ways to increase this number to offer […]

CORE update for April to June 2020

  CORE’s Quarterly Update Contents 1. 20 million monthly CORE users and growth of CORE’s worldwide rank 2. CORE Repository Dashboard and Repository Edition releases 3. CORE helps Lean Library to provide OA research papers 4. CORE Ambassadors’ network and achievements 5. CORE Discovery and repositories 6. CORE team research accomplishments 7. CORE negotiations and […]

Release of the new CORE Repository Dashboard

Release of the new CORE Repository Dashboard (also containing tools to support REF2021 Open Access Compliance) We are extremely pleased to announce today the roll out of a major upgrade release of the CORE Repository Dashboard. Functionality The service has been developed to support the 10,000+ CORE data providers. The upgraded CORE Repository Dashboard enables […]

CORE update for January to March 2020

CORE would like to announce their new update for January to March 2020. The first quarter of 2020 was a highly productive period for CORE in terms of growing and developing their products. Highlights CORE is ready to release a premium version of the Repository Dashboard CORE’s products are used by Open Access Helper CORE […]

OA support

An update from OpenDOAR: policy support and repositories galore

Over the last six months, the OpenDOAR team have been working hard behind the scenes on two exciting projects.  The first was to enhance the functionality and create a fresh look on our repository open access policy support page. The second project was a large-scale record import from CORE which resulted in 900 new repositories […]