New workflow for adding new data providers and gaining access to the CORE Repository Dashboard

CORE’s mission is to increase the discoverability of open access research and promote as widely as possible the content of our data providers, i.e., repositories, journals and web resources. We currently collaborate with more than 10,000 data providers from around the world, and are continuously looking for new ways to increase this number to offer an as complete as possible coverage of the world’s open access content.

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Until recently, we ingested our data providers by relying mostly on a range of automated systems and global directories. While this has worked well, we wanted to make it even easier for new data providers to be added into CORE. We are therefore introducing a new data provider registration form. The form is designed for content providers and it aims to be an easy to use tool, which will speed up the registration process.

The CORE registration form for new data providers

When using the form, new data providers only need to supply the URL of their system. Our tool will then perform an auto-discovery of the most common repository software, and all the additional metadata will be collected automatically. (If your attempt to register your repository or journal with CORE was unsuccessful, please contact your IT department and make sure that your platform supports an OAI endpoint.)

New data providers registered with CORE will be able to claim ownership of their repository and get a  free account for the CORE Repository Dashboard, where they can gain full control of how CORE sees their data, manage content and connect to additional CORE resources and services.

The CORE Dashboard

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