Release of the new CORE Repository Dashboard

Release of the new CORE Repository Dashboard
(also containing tools to support REF2021 Open Access Compliance)

We are extremely pleased to announce today the roll out of a major upgrade release of the CORE Repository Dashboard.


The new CORE Repository Dashboard

The service has been developed to support the 10,000+ CORE data providers. The upgraded CORE Repository Dashboard enables repository managers and research office management staff to:

  • Detect and monitor technical issues with data harvesting / aggregation related to their repository system
  • Obtain statistics
  • Manage and control aggregated repository content
  • Obtain identifier enrichments detected by CORE for their content, such as for DOIs missing in the repository
  • See RIOXX compliance
  • Check compliance of content with REF2021 Open Access policy (UK only)
  • Manage and view content downloads for their content in CORE

Repository managers and research administrators can use these tools to improve the harvesting of their repository outputs and ensure their content is visible to the world. With a clean and simple to navigate interface, the CORE Repository Dashboard also provides useful feedback and control over what is aggregated and exposed. The upgraded Dashboard also displays further data, such as RIOXX compliance (where applicable) and DOI enrichment information.

The Repository Dashboard has been created as a result of a great desire to improve the quality and transparency of the harvesting process of open access content and to create a two-way collaboration between CORE and our data providers whilst providing detailed and actionable information.

CORE Repository Edition

In parallel, we are also launching the CORE Repository Edition. This service  offers a suite of powerful tools and guaranteed support for repositories, libraries and their content managers in the following three areas:

  • Discoverability – increased discoverability of the institution’s research outputs via search engines, library discovery systems, third-party repositories, PubMed, Microsoft Academic Search and other data providers. Subscription to CORE Repository Edition means that a repository has a guaranteed re-harvesting rate of a maximum of 14 days to ensure rapid discoverability of new content.
  • Functionality – enhanced functionality for repositories and research content management, including REF article-level open access compliance assessment, repository data enrichment and validation. CORE Repository Edition comes with full access to the premium features of the CORE Repository Dashboard. These include the REF2021 Open Access Compliance features and DOI enrichment features.
  • Support –  Guaranteed support in the area of issue tracking, funder reporting and interoperability management of repository data. Subscription to CORE Repository Edition comes with guaranteed customer support services, such as those related to compliance with data schemas, interoperability, harvesting and monitoring. Support services are provided with an average response time of 1 business day.

Premium Dashboard Features and cross-repository compliance

Users subscribing to CORE Repository Edition have access to the REF2021 compliance tool. Repository administrators and others in research support teams  are able to:

  • View the percentage of papers that are non-compliant, i.e. outputs that were deposited 90 days or more after publication according to the REF 2021 Open Access Policy
  • Download all repository’s deposit dates as a CSV
  • View extended deposit time lag chart – the difference in days between a publication date and deposit date as it will be provided to Research England
  • Browse article deposit dates
REF2021 OA Audit Compliance

The CORE Repository Edition also supports our unique cross-repository compliance matching tool. This checks deposit dates against other repositories to find the absolute earliest known publication date for an article, which can differ from a repository’s own record. For UK Higher Education Institutes, this offers a highly valuable service and comes with commensurate levels of support.

Existing users can login to the new Dashboard using the same credentials as previously provided. (If you are a user and do not recall your current credentials try resetting them.) If you would like to register to use the dashboard for your repository, please get in touch with us at For enquiries regarding the CORE Repository Edition please contact

The CORE Team

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