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Retirement of old Sherpa Romeo and Fact

Following the launch of the new versions of Sherpa Romeo and Sherpa Fact, we are taking the opportunity to inform you that the old versions of the services have now been retired.

What do I need to do about my Romeo/Fact URLs?

All of our services are now running on the new platform, which is available at

URLs on the retired system will automatically forward to the appropriate page on the new system. This means that you shouldn’t need to update any bookmarks or links in your systems.

Romeo API details

We hope that you have been successful in migrating your code to the new version following the release of the developer preview of the new Romeo API in June 2019.  You can find more information and guidance on our website.

The old API will continue to operate on an “as-is” basis until the end of September 2020.  We hope this will be enough time for the last few users to migrate to the new version.

Help and Guidance

If you need any assistance with making the switch to the new Sherpa systems, please get in contact at, and we will be more than happy to help you.

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