Publications Router is now integrated with Pure

Jisc’s Publications Router service is now fully integrated with Pure, the research information management system provided by Elsevier. This means that institutions that use Pure to manage the open access exposure of their researchers’ articles can now benefit from the automated supply of content and alerts that Router provides.

The integration now means Router is available to the 40-50 Pure-using UK HEIs for the first time.

Two systems working together

Router captures full-text research articles and metadata, including licensing details, from publishers and other providers. It then matches them to the institutions to which the authors are affiliated and delivers them to the relevant institutions. This enables them to fulfil their open access priorities, including compliance with funder policies, minimising any manual work and therefore achieving greater efficiency. It is available to UK HEIs that are members of Jisc at no additional charge.

Pure aggregates an institution’s research information from numerous internal and external sources. Among many other things, this includes capturing and disseminating its research outputs, such as journal articles, whether on Pure itself or via another repository platform.

The integration between Pure and Router is the fulfilment of a commitment made previously through the Jisc-Elsevier Open Science Forum.

Close integration

The two systems are complementary. If your institution uses Pure, the integration enables Router to provide rich metadata and often the full text of your researchers’ articles from participating publishers as import candidates directly into Pure. You can then use Pure to match them to the relevant researchers, departments etc., in the normal ways.

Pure captures and displays the licensing information provided via Router, and automatically acts upon any embargo information supplied by the publisher, if there is any. If you use Pure to populate a separate repository platform, you’ll be able to pass all this information on for your repository to action accordingly.

We’ve worked closely with Elsevier to support them as they’ve developed the integration with Router. We and Elsevier are also grateful to the four institutions who’ve tried it out and given feedback before formal release.

How your institution can benefit

If your institution uses Pure and you’d be interested to see how the Router integration can help you meet your open access objectives, do contact us via, mentioning Publications Router in the subject line. We’ll then take you through how to get started.

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