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We’re aware that scholarly communications in general, and open access in particular, are now a high priority for universities and, as my last post showed, Jisc is busy helping them address that priority. In doing so, we work very closely with sector representatives, especially perhaps colleagues in university libraries and research offices. However, we’re aware that the scholarly communications ecosystem is broad and, in order to guide us in our work, we have convened an advisory group, chaired by John MacColl of the University of St Andrews. The group met for the first time in April, and I’m delighted to say that it agreed that, by default, papers and minutes from the group should be open, and I will use this blog to make them available. So, attached to this post (see below) you’ll find the papers and minutes relating to the April meeting; the agenda for the meeting is probably a good resource by which to navigate these papers. The Terms of Reference (ToR) document lists the current membership.

Jisc is extremely grateful to the members of the advisory group for giving up their time to offer guidance to us. The group next meets on 11th September.

Agenda 20140413

Jisc Scholarly Communications Advisory Group notes 201404 final

Annex 1 – Jisc scholarly communication activities overview

Annex 2 – Scholarly Comms overview 20140415

Annex 3 – DRAFT Scholarly Communications plan 20140415

Annex 4a – Jisc Monitor summary

Annex 4b – Jisc Monitor Pilot Mimas

Annex 5 – OA Good Practice

Annex 6a – Open Mirror final report text

Annex 6b – Responses to Open Mirror Report 20140304

Annex 7 – Repository Shared Services Projects_V5

Annex 8 – Jisc Advisory Group for Scholarly Communications ToR 20140415

By Neil Jacobs

JISC Programme Director, Digital Infrastructure (Information Environment)

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